2. World is Shit, Democracy Center, Cambridge, MA.

  3. Death Injection, Democracy Center, Cambridge, MA.

  4. Ancient Filth, Cuisine En Locale, Somerville, MA

  5. Some Nerve, Cuisine En Locale, Somerville, MA

  6. Throwback Thursday: Daughters reunion show, The Met, Pawtucket RI, 2013

    Just over a year ago!


  7. setyoursails said: If you like punch, listen to know secrets. Singer from punch, and drummer and bass player from comadre

    Yeah! They’re great! check out everybody row, too. Some of the same folks. Think later Comadre gone full Murder City Devils


  8. Punch Crew retrospective! So Punch played their last show with Meghan on Sept 19th. I’m glad I got to see them play one last time here in Boston shortly before that and while I’m finishing up some of the images from that, I went back through my archives and dug up a lot of stuff from over the years.

    I first met this crew after their 2009 gig in Allston, MA, top left, where they played in a basement while the lights kept cutting off. It was wild.

    Not long after that they were back in Haverhill, MA, touring with Loma Prieta in 2010. Top right.

    In 2012 I was able to see them 3 times back to back. These shots are from Charlotte, NC, Providence, RI, and Boston.

    During the summer of 2013 I flew out to the last Comadre show and got to kick it for a few days and hang in San Francisco and Oakland. It was rad seeing them on their home turf.

    The crew shots are from over the years, the top portraits are from the 2012 tour, here in Boston, along with the group shot with Living Eyes. Below that is a shot from Meghan’s wedding, which I was lucky enough to photograph this past January. And on the right is the final crew shot I made a few weeks ago in Salem, MA.

    Next is a collection of merch and other stuff that we collaborated on over the years. The flexi postcard is a split with angelaowens from the Haverhill show. The tour flyer is for an Australia tour and the photo comes from the Charlotte, NC gig from 2012. Below that is the incomplete history cassette also with a shot from Charlotte, NC. Along the bottom row are the shirts featuring shots from various shows.

    And finally is a shot from Meghan and Pennie’s, from Goodtime Boys, wedding. I never would have guessed wedding photography and punk giggin’ would allow me to fly out to California to make some amazing images for awesome friends.

    I’m bummed Punch are done(?), but I’m excited to see what comes out of this bunch of folks in the future!

  9. selfdefensefamily:

    Reid Haithcock sent over some photos from that weekend we did shows with Modern Life Is War. He’s good. 

    While looking them over, it struck me how different a type of band we can appear from image to image. 

    Above are mock single covers using some of Reid’s photos. 

    If I was flipping through records at a store, I’d guess the top layout went to a sassy hardcore album. 

    The second image I would assign to an indie rock band. 

    The third could belong to a hardcore band, or possibly a brown-pants metal act. 

    The bottom image says ‘twizzy’ very loudly. Maybe freaker metal or melodramatic metalcore. 

    Interesting to think about how very small decisions can shape perception of a band. The difference between looking ‘smart’ and looking ‘goonish’ is a grimace. Very likely, someone out there is hitting play on a record, or opting not to, based on a single image. 

    Wild, maaaaaaan. 

    Small dog, large goals

  10. Modern Life is War PA/NY weekend.

    The end. I’ll go back through and highlight some of my favorite images and stories from the trip soon.

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  11. Modern Life is War PA/NY weekend.

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  12. Modern Life is War PA/NY weekend. Featuring the Amityville Horror house!

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  13. Modern Life is War PA/NY weekend.

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  14. Modern Life is War PA/NY weekend.

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  15. Modern Life is War PA/NY weekend.

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